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Monday, 18 November 2019

Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation

Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation

1.Software Documentation Tools to Create End-User Documentation

When you got a task to write a user guide, a training manual, or any other type of help files, chances are you would first turn to the aid of some free tools which are a complete waste of time or do the task manually with the help of a text editor + screen capturing tool + image editor.

Traditionally, you would capture every screenshot separately, use an image editing tool to annotate each one, then upload these visuals to Word, Google Docs or a text editor and manually complement them with text descriptions. Manual work, multiple contexts, plus the time-consuming aspects make the whole procedure ineffective.

1.MadCap Flare

MadCap Flare-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
MadCap Flare-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation

MadCap Flare is a cloud-based solution for technical writers and web developers that allows you to create, publish and manage your content.


  • Authoring, translation and publishing in multiple languages
  • A variety of types of production (HTML5, WebHelp, PDF, Word, XHTML, Clean XHTML, EPUB, DITA, etc.)
  • With the responsive design editor, real responsive content
  • Templates for the project
  • Advanced Different User Views Stylesheet Editor
  • Collaboration between teams and project management


  • Costly.
  • Any online opportunities to work
  • Any fit for 401k

2.StepShot Guides:

StepShot Guides offers the best solution for large enterprises to generate user manuals and online guides just in a few clicks. With StepShot Guides, you may bid farewell to the traditional way of documenting things and get the work done in a timely manner without switching between multiple applications.
StepShot Guides-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
StepShot Guides-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-


  • Provides a feature for capturing multiple mouse-click screenshots
  • Publishing a guide in different formats (Word, PDF, HTML, PowerPoint, StepShot Cloud, Video, Images)
  • Allows screenshots to be edited with an integrated image editor
  • Has WordPress, Confluence, ServiceNow and SharePoint integrations
  • Allows all information to be placed in a library
  • Offers customizable templates to fit the documents


More text fonts expected by some users.

3.SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now helps improve user adoption and the productivity of software programs across companies by providing effective e-learning content for employees.
SAP Enable Now-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
SAP Enable Now-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • Deployment on-site or in the cloud
  • Recordings from one origin
  • Customizable quality for education
  • Aid to software and performance
  • Simulation training and creation of test scripts


  • Complex taxes
  • Low Total Ownership Value (TCO)
  • Deployment at high risk

4.Oracle UPK

Oracle UPK is a unique platform for creating, delivering, managing and sustaining technology learning content to ensure better end-user acceptance. Oracle UPK offers context-sensitive help directly within the software to guide the client through a business process that reduces the number of help desk calls.
Oracle UPK-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Oracle UPK-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant


  • Offered in 22 languages
  • Has a number of core ERP integrations
  • Supports any request
  • Captures a process automatically when you perform the procedure
  • Four million users worldwide


  • The design of the User Productivity Kit delays Oracle – UPK Premier Support ends in April 2019
  • Controller outdated and heavy
  • Big difficulty
  • Price per user-USD 17k

2.Software Documentation Tools for Gathering and Managing Requirements

It's the #1 job to gather code specifications when you're just starting a new project. It is sometimes even more difficult to determine what needs to be done than getting it done. It's true, half of task delays were compensated for by poor requirements management. Therefore, we have gathered some tools that can help you get good specifications and explain how to turn brilliant ideas into viable solutions:


Jira is recognized as popular issue management technology, but many teams have confirmed that handling the client stories and needs in the trouble-free interface is also an excellent resource.
Jira-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Jira-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • A JIRA issue type with its own workflow, custom fields and reporting can be created specifically for requirements
  • You can connect similar specifications with or with requests for features
  • You can easily add and handle the specifications with the aid of subtasks.
  • Awesome official website.
  • Includes extensive online records


  • Too complex for newbies to master
  • More than 10 users are expensive
  • You will need a plug-in to export a full specification file.
There are several popular features that make Jira's export designs appealing and versatile. For example, I personally enjoy using the Jira and Xporter PDF View Plugin.

User Story mapping is a good technique for developing a colorful, interactive object that can be used by the whole team throughout the entire product development and enhancement process. Here are the tools that will help you to write stories about users and use cases in a breeze


StoriesOnBoard is a browser-based cloud platform developed by DevMads, a Hungarian company that solves the user story mapping problem. It is an agile collaboration online tool to schedule the production and control the reach of your project.
StoriesOnBoard-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
StoriesOnBoard-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • JIRA, Trello, GitHub and Pivotal Monitor compatibility
  • Collaboration with the manager
  • You can export to XLS, PDF or PNG
  • Using this product there is virtually no learning curve


  • No way to create a reference to share a specific storymap; you need to contact users one by one
  • No regular calendar (except a free trial for 30 days)
There are various drawing resources on the flip side that allow Using Case Diagrams to be drawn.


Smartdraw is an interface that is used to build flowcharts, structure diagrams, mind maps, task graphs, and other business visuals. It is a visual communication tool that uses built-in templates and powerful automation to create any diagram in the smartest way.
Smartdraw-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Smartdraw-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • SmartDraw Cloud can be used in 100 languages
  • Has several integrations (Jira, Confluence, Trello, G Suite, etc.)
  • Collaboration without difficulty
  • SmartDraw features over 4,500 models for over 70 different types of diagrams
  • The software runs on a computer for Windows, on a Pc or online.


  • Some of the exported files are big
  • There are no 3D tools available.
  • The schedules are a little hard to work with


Trello is a Kanban system-based task management program that can help you organize your needs in a simple-to-use gui. It is a graphical communication platform that, with the aid of virtual panels, lets you navigate current activities.
Trello-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Trello-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • Gives a free option
  • Supported on any screen size
  • It is simple to create problems and allocate people to these problems


  • There is no free export option on a program
  • No time tracking and schedule included

3. Software Documentation Tools for Writing Software Architecture Documentation

Software architecture design documents lay down the key concepts and principles on which the architecture is designed and describe the logic used to build the software. Without proper architecture documentation, a project may run into a dead end. We also compiled a list of tools usually used to model documents related to software architecture.


For further use in computer engineering development and team collaboration environments, GenMyModel can be used to build Unified Language Modeling (UML) diagrams and flowcharts.
GenMyModel-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
GenMyModel-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • Gui simple and intuitive
  • Centralized repository template
  • Simple working together


  • Generation of code
  • Drawing dependent on the plan
  • Complicated pricing system, but free packages are available

2.Read the Docs

Read the Docs is an online publishing site with freely available source code for application documentation. Through automating building, versioning and uploading for you, it enables the writing of technical documentation.
Read the Docs-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Read the Docs-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • Documentation for web, print or offline use can be generated automatically
  • Many models
  • Webhook help so that your files are generated when you commit code
  • Integration of the GitHub


  • It has an obsolete user interface as it is a completely free and developer-oriented device.
It is important to imagine architecture templates when constructing software architecture using a diagram set The Unified Modeling Language (UML) is recognized as a generic graphical modeling language primarily designed to describe business processes and software architecture using various diagram styles.

4.Software Documentation Tools for Writing APIs

When written properly and accurately, programmers dislike technical writing and code documentation. To guarantee the impression of a streamlined user, special software should be used to simplify the entire process. Here's our quick round-up of the best API documentation resources to read.


Doxygen is the greatest source of documents to compose reference documentation for software. This is used mainly for auto-generating API documentation, but this can also be used to produce independent documents from an API.
Doxygen-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Doxygen-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • May create different graphs and diagrams from the source code
  • Can generate a browsable and syntax-highlighted version of your code and refer to the documentation
  • Microsoft, Macos, and Mac services
  • Pretty versatile
  • RTF (MS-Word), PostScript, hyperlinked PDF, condensed Xml, and Unix man pages also support performance generation.


  • When the information has been developed in Doxygen, it may not be easy to move to something else because Doxygen has its own formatting


Swagger is the best open source API system for the development, implementation and documentation of APIs. Swagger generates API application code, user code, and metadata for those products.
Swagger-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Swagger-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • Has the best language support from any open source platform
  • A large culture and a base of support
  • Easy to use
  • Generates generic paperwork automatically.


  • Difficult to tailor
  • No support for hypermedia


Slate lets you write the documentation of the API using Markdown and encourages you to post it for free hosting on Github websites. It can create beautiful, intelligent, sensitive documentation of the API.
Slate-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Slate-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • Profound wiki page information
  • Intuitive development in UX / UI
  • Is not closely connected to the source code
  • Customizable because in Markdown it's printed


  • Creating Slate reports is a slower process relative to Swagger, because you have to read it all yourself
  • No publisher for Markdown

5. Software Documentation Tools to Document Databases

Many organizations who have now understood the value of tracking systems know all too well how important it is to provide in-depth server records because it helps to figure out the system's most troublesome pieces and makes it possible to take the correct decision because the threat becomes harder to assess. Yet finding the right technology to simplify the process of creating server documents is difficult. If you are looking for the right tool, you can find the list of tools listed below useful:


Dataedo is a great tool for managing the servers like SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. It can define each table and column (data dictionary), method and feature, build out of existing schema ER diagrams, and create HTML, PDF, and Excel files.
Dataedo-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Dataedo-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • Cross-database relations can be recorded
  • Allows saved procedures and functions to be documented
  • Provides the potential for current servers to produce information dictionaries
  • Allow you to create practical ER diagrams
  • Supports several servers
  • Requires to work offline
  • Exports PDF, Excel, and digital HTML documents


  • A steep slope of reading
  • Any files can be transferred to Word or CHM


Complete reports for your code are provided by dbdesc. To access the final report, dbdesc uses XSLT templates to convert an XML file containing the server definition. For Xml, RTF and Word 2003 formats, model XSLT models are included.
dbdesc-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project   Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
    dbdesc-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project 


  • Includes an extended properties editor for SQL Server
  • Has an integrated reporting engine and a PDF support report viewer
  • Provides support for multi-database (SQL Server, Ms Access, Oracle and Firebird)
  • Has a matrix for table dependence


  • Only available in Windows
  • New servers are being funded


SchemaSpy is an open source Java-based software (requires Java 8 and higher) that analyzes schema metadata in a database and creates object relationship diagrams based on HTML and PNG.
SchemaSpy-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
SchemaSpy-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • Easy to use
  • Works with almost every server compatible with JDBC (Oracle / MySQL / DB2/SQL Server / PostgreSQL / etc.)
  • Could classify partnerships with Ruby on Rails


  • Minimum change
  • The page is slightly obsolete

6. Software Documentation Tools for QA Testing and Test Management

There are plenty of resources in organisations that aid research activities. Large or small, built-in or stand-alone, free or paying computer or internet. Here are the ones that are most used.


TestRail is a test case management tool that can be used to create better test cases and sample suites. It also interacts with many methods for monitoring problems. Integrating with automated test reports falls with the HTTP-based API.
TestRail -Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
TestRail -Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • Generating test cases and arranging them easily is really easy.
  • Powerful show of visual data
  • TestRail is easier to set up for manual testing but is also ideal for automation.


  • There are not many drawbacks to this method, but some users do not find it intuitive
  • To see the test results, the stakeholder has to be a registered (and often paid) client.


TestLink is a free web-based open source platform with standard features such as specification management, test case development and maintenance, test runs, bug tracking, feedback, common problem tracker integration, etc.
TestLink-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
TestLink-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • It is free to use
  • There is a wide range of apps
  • Features bug tracking tools – JIRA, TFS


  • For us personally, this test documentation tool looks really feature-reaching, but ... I would say that its interface was born in hell
  • Small functionality for administration
  • Not that often retained from now on

3.Xray for Jira

Xray for Jira is an example of an optimized web-based research application. This is integrated directly within Jira, allowing faster, clearer decisions to be taken by individual task teams. It is a real-time performance management system targeted at improving how product engineering and QA teams work together to produce high-quality, timely software.
Xray for Jira-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Xray for Jira-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • 135 Positive comments on the more than 2000 installations Atlassian platform. It's not that straightforward to get such a score on a marketplace.
  • Aid of workflow and client monitoring
  • Connection for multiple languages
  • Jira Cloud aid
  • Level of pricing. As for that service within the Atlassian platform, an infinite software experience can be obtained for a fraction of a price compared to alternative solutions outside the ecosystem.


  • Integrated with Jira and not available outside the Jira environment.

7. Software Documentation Tools for Marketers

It is usually associated with tedious detailed reporting of all the acts when it comes to promotional reports, which takes a lot of time for a marketing department. Nowadays, however, the concept of advertising reporting has been turned into a cross-functional collaboration space where team members envision their concepts, monitor the behavior of each other, set strategic goals, and analyze the results obtained to enhance their company's marketing operation. This innovative approach helps to make your documentation a powerful marketing asset and put the productivity of your team on a whole new level. Here's your team's list of seven impressive marketing documentation tools:


Lucidchart is the best visualization software for advertising to create various types of flowcharts for your marketing system. Beginning with quick drawings of your future marketing plan and finishing with a detailed client experience, Lucidchart will help you arrange all steps and thoughts in a stunning diagram.
Lucidchart-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Lucidchart-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • He created a number of beautiful models for various categories
  • It fully integrated (including Confluence, Slack, G Suite, etc.) with popular platforms.
  • Is linked to Visio, so you can import and export Visio files
  • Gives you the opportunity to work together and share your experience in a group


  • Basic payment package has a significantly limited amount of information
  • Data link diagrams can only be found in the pro packaging
  • Does not have a chance to work offline?


Podio is a multifunctional cloud-based platform that can help you manage your job and communicate with your colleagues. This successfully integrates in one powerful tool information and content, communications, business processes, and specialized workflows.
Podio-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Podio-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • Facilitates file sharing, simulation of information and linked CRM
  • This tool provides, in addition to existing compatibility with popular platforms, the ability to have custom integrations and create new apps
  • Has a platform for special extensions, where you can find many useful extras to improve your Podio experience.
  • A free plan for a maximum of 5 employees
  • An expansion to Chrome's browser


  • Has a lack of standard functionality which requires complete modification, making it difficult to use without extensive training.
  • Important functionality such as tracking, integration of contacts from other devices and real-time alerts can only be seen on the premium account
  • Progressive workflows need to be updated to a technical project


Visio is useful software to help you envision and automate your company's operations. This facilitates the development of impressive graphs, system simulation and visualization of data by using industry standards-compliant models. This graphical reporting method is a good choice to create simple and comprehensible data-linked diagrams for your marketing activities and operations.
Visio-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation-Hire A Virtual Assistant
Visio-Software Documentation Tools for Every Stage of Project Implementation


  • A strong compatibility with other Microsoft products such as Skype for Business and Excel
  • Offers an online and offline collection of data protection tools from Microsoft
  • Gives an opportunity to customize existing templates and obtain unique content store visuals
  • Pro system has the option of downloading multiple products on up to five PCs


  • The basic plan does not include some important features such as co-authorship, offline connectivity or live data link
  • Is expensive for personal use compared to similar products in the industry
  • Can be too hard to use if you are searching for a simple visual documentation method to create basic workflows

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